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About axcora bludit flatfile cms website themes template free download source code full project.

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This project is present by axcora technology www.axcora.com

and develope by creativitas visit profile https://www.fiverr.com/creativitas/

We deploy this site and share all source code project we have develope work with bludit new modern flatfile cms, you can visit on official website www.bludit.com - so why we choice bludit this is because make you fast and easy to settup your site. no need database integration , just download and run on your hosting - you website is live !!

with bludit we can built website very fast , secure and powerfull with SEO plugins from bludit.

and yeah on this site you can download all source code bludit themes template for free gratis, we hope our themes template can help you for built website project with fast and easy. with full source code so you can customise with you needed, and learn how work with bludit.

a static site generator JAMSTACK alternatif, yes bludit is powerfull for deploy your site, because bludit is ready with backend admin panel. like use headless cms, bludit is all in one webapp set for you.

We developed all bludit theme templates focused on optimazion website performance, with this concept you can only focus on writing article content. This is because we always test all the themes we have developed on Google Lighthouse to make sure we have created a good performing theme template.

And if you need a custom theme, our developer team is ready to help you achieve your goals. and you can also contribute so that we can continue to work by buying us coffee for our passion in making themes with good performance for you to use.

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